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Construction Estimator

What does a Construction Estimator do?

Construction estimators analyze costs and prepare estimates for different types of construction projects.

- They visit construction sites and gather cost-related data about a project.
- They determine material, equipment and labour requirements, sequence of operations, projected timelines and prepare a quantity survey.
- They consult with engineers, architects, owners, contractors and subcontractors.
- They track actual costs and a project progresses
- They provide advice on cost procedures and make recommendations regarding cost estimates from subcontractors

What kind of person makes a good Construction Estimator?

Construction Estimator might be the job for you if you:

- Are competitive and take initiative
- Are good at math
- Have good problem solving skills
- Work well with others
- Pay attention to details.

How do I become a Construction Estimator?

Construction Estimators need a combination of education and experience. Employers generally prefer to hire candidates with a journeyman certification, post-secondary diploma or a related engineering degree.

The following organizations offer certifications in Construction Estimating:

- The Canadian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (CIQS) gives a Construction Estimator Certification to members that have completed 13 courses and who have two years of industry experience, and a Professional Quantity Surveyor designation to members who have completed 25 courses, an internship and an ethics exam.
- The Canadian Construction Association (CCA) awards a Construction Estimator Designation to qualified applicants.

Where does a Construction Estimator work?

Construction Estimators may do contract work, or be employed by construction companies, trade contractors and subcontractors, large utility companies, government organizations and property insurance companies.

How much does a Construction Estimator make?

On average, Construction Estimators in Alberta make $34.48 an hour.
Thatís about $71,350 a year.

Construction Estimator Case Studies

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