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Industrial Construction Crew Supervisor

What does a Industrial Construction Crew Supervisor do?

Industrial Construction Crew Supervisors are the immediate crew supervisors on site and are there to manage and oversee the crew during the construction, maintenance and shut down of industrial facilities. The supervisors can be in charge of work in a broad variety of trades including ironworkers, carpenters and heavy equipment technicians. Industrial Construction Crew Supervisors are also known as Foremen, Crew Leader and Front Line Supervisor.

- Lead and manage the crew
- Follow the building plans and timetable
- Co-ordinate between other crews on the site
- Ensure that the site is safe and the workers are working safely
- Manage the productivity of the crew

What kind of person makes a good Industrial Construction Crew Supervisor?

Industrial Construction Crew Supervisor may be the job for you if you:

- Have excellent organizational and communication skills
- The ability to co-ordinate the work of others
- Be able to work to tight deadlines
- Enjoy directing others, in a professional manor

How do I become a Industrial Construction Crew Supervisor?

In Alberta, there is no requirement to have a certificate to be a crew supervisor, as it is a designated occupation. However, as supervisors would be managing trades crews, including plumbers and gasfitters, they may be required to have their Alberta Journeyman Certificate. This would involve the applicant completing an apprenticeship in their chosen trade.

The skills needed to be an Industrial Construction Crew Supervisor have been identified by the Apprenticeship and Industry Training Act, enabling trainees who register with the Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training and achieve the standards required will be awarded with the Alberta Occupational Certificate.

Where does a Industrial Construction Crew Supervisor work?

Crew Supervisors work in a range of sites including large industrial builds to smaller more specific projects. They work both indoors and outdoors and some office work maybe required. Being a supervisor can involve some travel and living in temporary accommodation on site.

How much does a Industrial Construction Crew Supervisor make?

Industrial Construction Crew Supervisors pay ranges from $40 to $45 per hour. Generally, they make $5 to $7 more an hour than a journeyperson. On average, in Alberta, they make around $88,500 a year.

Industrial Construction Crew Supervisor Case Studies

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