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What does a Estimator do?

Estimators are specialists who assess the cost of carrying out projects or specific elements of developments. Estimators are crucial to the business plans for projects, as they estimate the full cost involved of completing the development.

- Estimators visit potential sites and make an assessment of the area looking into things such as access, availability of services and water drainage
- They determine the cost involved in materials, labour and equipment
- They then prepare cost summaries, which can be used in bids for projects
- Track the cost of the development as the work is carried out

What kind of person makes a good Estimator?

Estimator may be the job for you if you:

- Have excellent numerical skills
- Enjoy problem solving
- Have the ability to work under pressure and under your own initiative
- Have strong communication skills

How do I become a Estimator?

Employers look for Construction Engineers who come from a variety of backgrounds.

- Are a certificated journeyperson in a related area
- Have a post-secondary diploma in construction technology
- A related engineering degree

Where does a Estimator work?

Construction Estimators work on all construction developments, covering residential, commercial and industrial. They tend to work indoors with occasional visits to site. They work for a variety of different employers including engineering firms, government and industrial construction companies.

How much does a Estimator make?

On average Construction Estimators make $16.89 to $73 per hour. In Alberta, the average salary is $71,500 per year.

Estimator Case Studies

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