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Gas Utility Operator

What does a Gas Utility Operator do?

Gas Utility Operators install and service gas utility pipeline systems that transport natural gas from its source to its point of use.

- They locate underground gas systems and conduct routine surveys of mains and distribution lines to detect and locate escaping gas.
- They operate and maintain regulating, measuring and odourizing facilities.
- They use equipment to expose gas lines and repair damaged pipes.

What kind of person makes a good Gas Utility Operator?

Gas Utility Operator might be the job for you if you:

- Are mechanically inclined
- Get along well with others
- Have good manual dexterity

How do I become a Gas Utility Operator?

Training and certification is not required in Alberta to work as a Gas Utility Operator, but trainees are encouraged to apply for an Alberta Occupational Certificate. To qualify, the trainee must have at least 5100 hours and 36 months of work experience as a Gas Utility Operator.

Where does a Gas Utility Operator work?

Gas Utility Operators work for gas utility and distribution companies. 86 per cent of Gas Utility Operators in Alberta work in the utilities, mining and oil and gas extraction and construction industries.

How much does a Gas Utility Operator make?

On average, Insulators in Alberta make $25.06 an hour.
Thatís about $53,200 a year.

Gas Utility Operator Case Studies

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