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What does a Glazier do?

Glaziers cut and install glass and aluminum systems for commercial, residential and automotive applications.

- They measure openings for size and shape, mark and cut glass panes to fit, secure panes in place, weatherproof the joints and install aluminum window parts.
- They install and assemble parts of pre-fabricated glass units like revolving doors, display cases, shower doors and other support structures.
- They replace safety glass, windows, windshields and glass in furniture and all other products.

What kind of person makes a good Glazier?

Glazier might be the job for you if you:

- Are good at reading and writing
- Are decent at math
- Have the strength to lift heavy glass materials
- Have good eyesight
- Arenít afraid of heights

How do I become a Glazier?

1. Find a company willing to take you as an apprentice
2. Register with AAIT (Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training)
3. Apprentice for 4 years, which includes 1620 hours of on the job training and 6 weeks of technical training at school each year.
4. Take the interprovincial Red Seal exam to become a registered Hairstylist.
5. Now you can work almost anywhere in Canada!

Where does a Glazier work?

Most Glaziers are employed by construction companies, architects, interior design firms and glazier shops. 95 per cent of Glaziers in Alberta work in the construction, manufacturing, repair and retail industries.

How much does a Glazier make?

On average, Insulators in Alberta make $24.77 an hour. Thatís about $51,700 a year.

Apprentice Glaziers make at least 55% of the journeyman wage in their first year, 60% in the second, 65% in the third and 70% in the fourth.

Glazier Case Studies

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