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What does a Hairstylist do?

Hairstylists cut and style their clients hair to suit the needs of the client, and make recommendations about hair care and hair products.

- They shampoo, cut, trim, colour and style hair, wigs and hairpieces.
- They shave, trim and shape beards and moustaches.
- They suggest appropriate styling products and hairstyles
- They analyze hair and scalp and suggest treatment

What kind of person makes a good Hairstylist?

Hairstylist might be the job for you if you:

- Are patient
- Have the stamina to stand on your feet all day
- Can keep up to date with fashion, supplies and equipment
- Have a professional appearance

How do I become a Hairstylist?

1. Find a company willing to take you as an apprentice
2. Register with AAIT (Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training)
3. Apprentice for 2 years, which includes 1400 hours of on the job training and 10 weeks of technical training at school each year.
4. Take the interprovincial Red Seal exam to become a registered Hairstylist.
5. Now you can work almost anywhere in Canada!

Where does a Hairstylist work?

Most Hairstylists work in beauty salons, but some have their own business and work out of their home.

How much does a Hairstylist make?

On average, Hairstylists in Alberta make $17.11 an hour. Thatís about $29,900 a year.

Apprentice Hairstylists must earn at least minimum wage.

Hairstylist Case Studies

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