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Health and Safety Advisor

What does a Health and Safety Advisor do?

Health and Safety Advisors facilitate the development, implementation and maintenance of workplace safety programs. They promote safe work practices and environments within their organization.

- They evaluate work procedures and environments to identify potential hazards and ensure that adequate controls are in place.
- They advise managers and employees about safe work practices and safety standards/regulations.
- They develop health and safety policies and programs.
- They participate in accident investigations

What kind of person makes a good Health and Safety Advisor?

Health and Safety Advisor might be the job for you if you:

- Have excellent oral and written communication skills
- Are able to lead and motivate people
- Enjoy reading and keeping up with new developments.

How do I become a Health and Safety Advisor?

Employers generally prefer to hire candidates who have computer skills and a combination of experience and education. Educational requirements will differ from company to company, but generally are related to science.

Where does a Health and Safety Advisor work?

Health and Safety Advisors are employed by large and medium sized companies in a wide variety of industries. 75% of Health and Safety Advisors in Alberta work in the Mining, Oil and Gas Extraction industry or in Manufacturing and Construction.

How much does a Health and Safety Advisor make?

On average, Health and Safety Advisors in Alberta make $35.29 an hour.
Thatís about $73,000 a year.

Health and Safety Advisor Case Studies

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