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Human Resources Professional

What does a Human Resources Professional do?

HR Professionals provide advice to al levels of their oraganization regarding personnel management, employee recruitment and retention, hiring, training and development of other HR programs.

- They work with occupational health and safety personnel to develop workplace safety programs.
- They provide advice regarding employee relations issues.
- They ensure compliance with employment legislation
- They assist with labour relations in preparing, researching and negotiating collective agreements.

What kind of person makes a good Human Resources Professional?

HR Professional might be the job for you if you:

- Have good problem solving skills
- Have good judgement
- Are good at keeping information confidential
- Are organized and manage time wisely
- Enjoy coaching or councilling others

How do I become a Human Resources Professional?

Most employers prefer to hire HR Professionals who have a degree or diploma in a related field.

Where does a Human Resources Professional work?

HR Professionals most often work for educational institutions, governments, medium and large businesses, manufacturing firms, health care facilities and financial institutions.

How much does a Human Resources Professional make?

On average, Welders in Alberta make $33.49 an hour.
Thatís about $67,200 a year.

Human Resources Professional Case Studies

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