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Landscape Gardener

What does a Landscape Gardener do?

Landscape Gardeners consult with clients and work with other trades to carry out landscaping operations and design in various environments, including residential, commercial and public grounds, playgrounds, golf courses, garden centres, tree nurseries, greenhouses and interior landscapes.

- They consult with clients and create landscape designs.
- They provide advice to customers on plant selection and care
- They apply fertilizers and pesticides
- They work with a variety of machinery and equipment.

What kind of person makes a good Landscape Gardener?

Landscape Gardener might be the job for you if you:

- Are physically strong and can lift and carry heavy things
- Donít mind working in a variety of weather situations
- Have good interpersonal skills and can relate to people
- Enjoy being creative

How do I become a Landscape Gardener?

1. Find a company willing to take you as an apprentice
2. Register with AAIT (Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training)
3. Apprentice for 4 years, which includes 1200 hours of on the job training and 8 weeks of technical training at school each year.
4. Take the interprovincial Red Seal exam to become a registered Landscape Gardener.
5. Now you can work almost anywhere in Canada!

Landscape Gardeners must have an Alberta Pesticide Applicator Certificate from the Government of Alberta.

Where does a Landscape Gardener work?

Landscape Gardeners are most often employed by landscape architects, contractors, nurseries, tree farms, greenhouses, cemeteries, garden centres or landscape supply outlets.

How much does a Landscape Gardener make?

On average, Landscape Gardeners in Alberta make $20.00 an hour. Thatís about $44,300 a year.

Apprentice Landscape Gardeners earn 60% of a journeymanís wage rate in the first year, 70% in the second, 80% in the third and 90% in the fourth year.

Landscape Gardener Case Studies

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