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Mechanical Technician

What does a Mechanical Technician do?

Mechanical Technicians work with mechanical engineers to design, draw, develop and modify types of machines, mechanical systems and manufacturing processes.

- They prepare specifications and drawings for mechanical components, equipments and systems
- They inspect the construction of mechanical installations
- They analyze the cost efficiency of projects
- They prepare layouts for new machines, tool designs, plants and equipment
- They conduct performance tests on various components, products or equipment

What kind of person makes a good Mechanical Technician?

Mechanical Technician might be the job for you if you:

- Have the ability to visualize 3D objects from 2D drawings
- Have good sketching or drawing skills
- Are good at math and problem solving
- Are good at english
- Work well with a team

How do I become a Mechanical Technician?

Mechanical Technicians require a diploma in Mechanical Engineering Technology.

Where does a Mechanical Technician work?

Mechanical Technicians are most often employed by engineering companies, manufacturing and construction companies, processing companies or government agencies.

How much does a Mechanical Technician make?

On average, Mechanical Technicians in Alberta make $33.62 an hour.
Thatís about $74,790 a year.

Mechanical Technician Case Studies

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