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Production Technologist/Engineer

What does a Production Technologist/Engineer do?

Production Technologists/Engineers help optimise the production of oil and gas wells, thus increasing the economic viability of the well. They do this through targeted use of the latest technology, in both mature and new oilfields.

- Monitor and evaluate wells, facilities and field performance
- Identify poor performance and propose solutions in the form of models and charts
- Use software to simulate and predict well performance, to optimize the flow of oil and gas
- Provide solutions to work around the physical constraints of the well

What kind of person makes a good Production Technologist/Engineer?

Production Technologist/Engineer may be the job for you if you:

- Are good at Math, Physics and Chemistry
- Enjoy analysing and evaluating data
- Have good communication and computer skills
- Like to stay up to date on new technology and software
- Have the ability to problem solve and present your ideas to others

How do I become a Production Technologist/Engineer?

To become a Production Technologist/Engineer you need to have a Bachelor or Masters of Engineering, which can be studied for at a variety of post-secondary institutions in Alberta and around Canada. The grades required to study engineering are generally quite high, with most courses requiring the passes in the following subjects:

- English 30 or English Language Arts 30-1
- Chemistry 30
- Physics 30
- Pure Mathematics 30
- Mathematics 31

Previous work in the oil and gas field is advantageous, even as a summer placement.

Where does a Production Technologist/Engineer work?

Production Technologists/Engineers travel to various oil fields to help design and oversee the creation of new wells. There are opportunities for Production Technologist/Engineers around the world from the Middle East to Australia, working onshore, offshore and subsea.

How much does a Production Technologist/Engineer make?

As a Junior Production Technologist/Engineer you could look to make around $62,000. After 10-12 years experience you could be earning in the region of $165,000, plus benefits.

Production Technologist/Engineer Case Studies

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