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Project Engineer

What does a Project Engineer do?

Project Engineers plan, design and supervise the construction, maintenance and decommissioning of a wide variety of public and private structures and facilities.

- They examine and evaluate each project to find cost effective solutions to problems.
- They determine project requirements in terms of equipment, materials and human resources.
- They apply their knowledge of construction methods to the basic principles of planning, organizing, financing, managing and operating a construction project.
- They supervise personnel, contractors and construction workers.

What kind of person makes a good Project Engineer?

Gasfitter might be the job for you if you:

- Have good communication skills
- Can visualize data, review calculations and prepare cost estimates
- Think logically and are good at solving problems
- Have the ability to visualize three-dimensional objects from two-dimensional drawings.

How do I become a Project Engineer?

Project Engineers must have a Bachelor of Engineering (B. Eng) degree majoring in civil engineering.

Project Engineers also need to be a registered member of the Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists and Geophysicists of Alberta.

Where does a Project Engineer work?

Project Engineers work in construction and related industries, and are often employed by government departments, engineering consulting firms, manufacturing firms, construction contractors and public utilities.

How much does a Project Engineer make?

On average, Plumbers in Alberta make $42.60 an hour.
Thatís about $85,900 a year.

Project Engineer Case Studies

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