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Reservoir Engineer

What does a Reservoir Engineer do?

A Reservoir Engineer analyses the production potential of a petroleum reservoir, in order to extract the maximum amount of oil and gas. They study the reservoirs behaviour and characteristics, to determine the best drilling and extraction methods.

- Gather data from various sources in order to produce development plans
- Analyse the properties of fluid to predict how it will behave when under various physical effects
- Liaise with laboratories to get oil and water measurements
- Provide economic data so the reservoirs potential can be established
- Work closely with other operational staff and professionals

What kind of person makes a good Reservoir Engineer?

Reservoir Engineer may be the job for you if you:

- Are good at Math, Physics and Chemistry
- Enjoy analysing and evaluating data
- Have good communication and computer skills
- Enjoy understanding complex and technical information

How do I become a Reservoir Engineer?

To become a Reservoir Engineer you need to have a Bachelor or Masters of Engineering, which can be studied for at a variety of post-secondary institutions in Alberta and around Canada. The grades required to study engineering are generally quite high, with most courses requiring the passes in the following subjects:

- English 30 or English Language Arts 30-1
- Chemistry 30
- Physics 30
- Pure Mathematics 30
- Mathematics 31

Once you have competed your degree, the next step would be to gain work experience in the oil industry. This could also be done during vacation time from the post secondary. Some companies also look for a postgraduate study, such as an MSc or PhD, this can increase your chances of securing a job.

Where does a Reservoir Engineer work?

It is usual for newly recruited engineers to spend the first two to three years on site. This could mean in Canada or in an international location, such as in the North Sea, Europe. As you gain experience you will mainly be office based. With the invention of the "Digital Oilfield", remote sensing and visualisation technology, there is less need for people to be in the field, with decisions being made in an office environment on shore.

How much does a Reservoir Engineer make?

As a Junior Reservoir Engineer you could look to make around $62,000. After 10-12 years experience you could be earning in the region of $165,000, plus benefits.

Reservoir Engineer Case Studies

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