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Steel Detailer

What does a Steel Detailer do?

Steel Detailers are specialized drafters who make detailed shop or fabrication drawings that steel fabricators or welders use to make the steel components of buildings and structures.

- They engineer drawings and specifications
- They interpret industry and government codes
- They read instructions from engineers and architects.

What kind of person makes a good Steel Detailer?

Steel Detailer might be the job for you if you:

- Are able to work alone
- Are good at math and physics
- Can pay attention to detail and work accurately and precisely
- Have the ability to visualize spatial relationships
- Have good problem solving skills

How do I become a Steel Detailer?

Steel Detailing is a designated occupation in Alberta. This means that there is no certification required to work as a Steel Detailer. However, the Alberta Chapter of the National Institute of Steel Detailers offers certifications as proof of knowledge and skill for the following levels:

Steel Detailer (1) – 12 months and 1800 hours of training
Steel Detailer (2) – 12 months and 1800 hours of training
Steel Detailer (3) – 24 months and 3600 hours of training

Where does a Steel Detailer work?

Steel Detailers are often employed by steel fabrication, engineering or drafting companies.

How much does a Steel Detailer make?

On average, Steel Detailers in Alberta make $31.65 an hour.
That’s about $64,800 a year.

Steel Detailer Case Studies

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