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Technical Sales Representative

What does a Technical Sales Representative do?

Technical Sales Representatives sell technical goods to a variety of customers including government, commercial and industrial establishments. Representatives identify sales opportunities and discover customers need to help close the deal. They may also be called Account Executives/Managers and Sales Engineers

- Identify key customers
- Negotiate deals
- Keep up to date information on customers and potential customers
- Provide support to customers once the goods have been delivered

What kind of person makes a good Technical Sales Representative?

Technical Sales Representative may be the job for you if you:

- Have excellent communication and negotiation skills
- Be self-motivated and manage your time effectively
- Build rapport with people quickly
- Have the ability to understand and explain technical information

How do I become a Technical Sales Representative?

Generally employers look for representatives who have technical qualifications, such as an engineering or science related degree. Potential employees would also need to have several years experience working with the type of goods they would be selling.

Where does a Technical Sales Representative work?

Companies normally split areas of the country up into what are known as sales territories. These territories can cover large geographical areas, requiring frequent travel. Technical Sales Representatives may work from a home or an office base but the majority of their time is spent travelling and meeting clients.

How much does a Technical Sales Representative make?

Technical Sales Representatives make from $10.30 to $139.42 per hour. On average, in Alberta, they make around $72,000 a year.

Technical Sales Representative Case Studies

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