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Water Well Driller

What does a Water Well Driller do?

Water Well Drillers set up and operate the mobile rotary, boring or cable tool drilling rigs used to drill residential, commercial and industrial water wells. They also do environmental assessments.

- They operate rigs to bore holes for wells and line holes with well casings
- They record information about the geological formations encountered
- They design and install a pumping system
- They maintain and upgrade their equipment
- They disinfect, reconstruct and redevelop older contaminated wells and pumping systems.

Some Carpenters specialize in a certain area, like framing, bench work or finishing work.

What kind of person makes a good Water Well Driller?

Water Well Driller might be the job for you if you:

- Are physically strong and have good stamina
- Have good manual dexterity
- Are mechanically inclined
- Are able to judge distances and spatial relationships
- Work well with others or on your own

How do I become a Water Well Driller?

1. Find a company willing to take you as an apprentice
2. Register with AAIT (Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training)
3. Apprentice for 2 years, which includes 1800 hours of on the job training and 6 weeks of technical training at school each year.
4. Take the interprovincial Red Seal exam to become a registered Water Well Driller.
5. Now you can work almost anywhere in Canada!

Where does a Water Well Driller work?

Most Water Well Drillers are often self-employed or work for a water well drilling company. 94% of Water Well Drillers in Alberta are employed in the Construction and Mining and Oil and Gas Extraction industries.

How much does a Water Well Driller make?

On average, Water Well Drillers in Alberta make $24.52 an hour. Thatís about $51,700 a year.

Apprentice Water Well Drillers earn 60% of a journeymanís wage rate in the first year and 85% in the second year.

Water Well Driller Case Studies

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