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Finning Canada is a division of Finning International, the world’s largest Caterpillar equipment dealer. With its Canadian headquarters in Edmonton, the company sells, rents and provides customer support for Caterpillar equipment and engines. The company was founded in 1933 and since then has grown to include over 4,300 employees, serving the forestry, mining, construction, petroleum and agricultural industries.

Finning has been a Platinum sponsor since 2008, and has featured three careers in a ‘natural resources’ video, highlighting a Product and Services Sales Manager, Heavy Duty Equipment Technicians, and a Product Support Representative.


- Rewards: Finning offers an exceptional benefits package, including pension, stock purchase plan and employee and family assistance program
- Team Environment: Finning emphasizes the importance of teamwork and combining the skills and expertise of all their employees.
- Challenge: Finning's customers expect solutions to increase productivity and decrease costs; employees need to create innovative solutions to meet customer needs.


- Caterpillar equipment was sent to the American shores along the Gulf of Mexico to help the clean up efforts after the oil spill in June by building dams.
- Finning Canada has donated Caterpillar equipment to Fort McMurray's Keyano College; the college is a Canadian leader in heavy equipment training.