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Pengrowth is an Alberta based energy trust with over 200 oil and natural gas properties in Western Canada. Even with a small staff of 600, Pengrowth manages to sponsor and be a part of many community projects in Alberta, most notably the Pengrowth Saddledome in Calgary. Built on innovation, creativity and willingness to embrace challenge, Pengrowth is one of North America's largest trusts and a leader in oil and gas performance.

Pengrowth has been a Platinum sponsor since 2008, and has featured two careers in a 'natural resources' video, highlighting a Geophysicist, and a Reservoir Engineer.


- Competitive Compensations: Pengrowth offers its employees annual bonuses, incentive plans and a fitness subsidy.
- Educational Advancement: Pengrowth reimburses employees tuition costs in pursuit of advanced education and offers compensation for professional association dues.
- Family Scholarships: Employee's children can earn up to $1000 in scholarships for good grades.


In the future, Pengrowth plans to place additional focus on growing coal bed methane production in the Horseshoe Canyon, where they have identified numerous drilling locations. In Southern Alberta, Pengrowth has a significant inventory of low cost shallow gas drilling locations that are targeted for development.