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Lauren Ratana-RueangsriLauren Ratana-Rueangsri

So Lauren, introduce yourself: Great! Hi my name is Lauren Ratana-Rueangsri and I am a Process Engineer for IMV Projects in Calgary.

What did you take in school? I have a degree in Chemical Engineering from Lakehead University in Ontario.

What path did you follow when you finished school? Most of the jobs in my hometown are in the pulp and paper industry and I didn’t really want to work in that industry. My dad went to school with someone at IMV Projects. He passed along my resume and I had an interview and was hired. So this is my first job right out of university.

What led you to a career in Process Engineering? I love math! Engineering is a good field to go into if you like math. My mom thought I’d make a great math teacher but I decided to pursue engineering. My dad is an engineer as well.

What is involved in your day to day job? My job is a bit tricky to describe but I’ll try. The main purpose of my job is to design heavy oil plants.  Most of my day-to-day job involves designing equipment and doing things such as hydraulic calculations. My job essentially is to ensure that the plant we’re building is designed properly.

What do you like about working at IMV Projects? The people here are great. The atmosphere is fun and friendly. People say hi to you! I didn’t know it was like that until I visited another company and I couldn’t believe the difference in work atmosphere. Here, you can have a conversation with people and get to know them on an individual level.

What do you like about the industry? I like that there is going to be work in this industry for a long while, recession or no recession. I’m always learning new things about the industry, new ways to do things. Lots of innovation happens here and I really like that. I like the challenge.

What advice would you give to someone considering a career as a Process Engineer? It’s a very busy profession. It takes lots of work to get here but it’s so worth it in the end. I don’t have time to be bored in this job and I’m always learning on-the-job, as well, which is great. It’s constantly challenging my knowledge and pushing me to do better on the production side of engineering here.

What do you do in your spare time? i.e. hobbies and extracurricular interests? I like to take vacations and try to stay active as much as possible. I love golf and tennis.

If you weren’t doing the job you do now, what do you like to be doing? I’ve thought about pursuing a law degree and I may still do so in the future, but for now I’m very happy with where I’m at and will do this for a while anyway.