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Nick QuinnNick Quinn

So Nick, introduce yourself: Hi, my name is Nick Quinn and I am a Project Services Lead for IMV Projects here in Calgary.

What did you take in school? I took a joint Economics and Finance degree from a university in the States. I received a scholarship to play lacrosse down there.

What path did you follow when you finished school? Right after university, I was drafted to play lacrosse back here in Canada for a professional team. To be honest though, there isn’t much money in lacrosse, so I decided to put my degree to work. I held a couple of internships during my schooling so that really helped determine what I wanted to do.

What led you to a career in Project Services? I initially started as a Cost Analyst, part of the Project Services team. That job was more specific to a particular project. I would do one-off analysis for things like the costs for structural steel for a particular project or changes of labour and costs incurred (up or down) with the labour. It was very specific to economics. And then I just kept going and advancing in the company and eventually becoming the Project Services Lead.

What is involved in your day to day job?As the Project Services Lead, there are many things I do, including scheduling (people’s schedules and the project itself), cost management, change management, document control, engineering services support and even stuff like invoicing. Because I’m the Lead, I’m very involved with my team and help manage their day to day work as well.

What do you like about working at IMV Projects? This company is great. They’re laid back in the sense that they all help you to get your work done without worrying about punching in and punching out at a set time every day. They trust and empower you to get your work done and to work the way that fits you best. They’re a very social company, which is great as well.

What do you like about the industry?The professionalism in this industry is amazing, especially with the people I deal with. I really enjoy that.

What advice would you give to someone considering a career as Project Services Lead or part of the Project Services team? My best advice is to try to do as many internships as you can—not necessarily to find out what you like to do, but especially to find out what you don’t like to do. Internships afford you the ability to learn many different skills and try new things. It helps you really find out what fits you best without sticking you in a job you find out you don’t especially like. So yeah, if you can, do an internship for sure.

What do you do in your spare time? i.e. hobbies and extracurricular interests? I’ve been involved in many things with work- we have many sports teams here and there’s lots of opportunity there to play on a team. We’re also really involved in charity work such as the United Way so I try to get involved there and give back. On my own time I race mountain bikes professionally. My schedule at works really allows me to accommodate my passions like mountain biking.

If you weren’t doing the job you do now, what do you like to be doing? I would probably be an investment banker. I’m not a fan of the hours and time needed to put into it, but the investment banking world interests me a lot.