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Northern Lakes College


Slave Lake, AB; Grouard, AB




Northern Lakes College’s history goes back to 1971 when Education Technicians were trained at Alberta Vocational Centre in Grouard. Education Technicians were students of native backgrounds who were prepared to instruct in adult basic education in the Community Vocational Centres (CVC's) service area. While AVC Grouard and the CVC’s were "sister" institutions, they operated separately as individual provincially administered institutions until they were amalgamated in 1988. The amalgamated institution became known as Alberta Vocational College - Lesser Slave Lake, and now as Northern Lakes College. Currently, the College is operating in more than 26 northern communities and employs over 275 staff. Flexible programming and customized training has provided opportunities for the College to deliver programs outside of our service region. Partnerships established with local First Nations and Métis Settlements, business and industry, and other educational institutions continue to flourish and allow the College to forge ahead with new ideas. Providing the right training to meet an individual's needs at an affordable price remains critical to our success.


- Office Administration
- Practical Nursing
- Medical Health Receptionist
- Apprenticeship
- University Studies